Announcement: Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) will be discontinued effective June 1, 2015. To learn about the Amazon ASP end-of-life plan and for information about migrating to Login and Pay with Amazon, read our FAQ.




What is Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions?
Amazon Simple Pay Subscription let customers authorize recurring payments with just a click of a button.

With Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions, your customers can purchase automatically recurring subscriptions from your website. This service is great for websites offering digital content subscriptions, collecting membership dues on a regular basis, or even recurring donations and pledges.

Highlights of this new service are:
  • Support for trial (grace) periods and promotional pricing.
  • Ability to easily modify an existing subscription.
  • Ability to programmatically cancel a subscription.
The Subscription button is offered as HTML code which you can copy and paste onto your website to enable subscriptions.

Get started with Amazon Simple Pay Subscription.

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Does Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions support trial periods?
Yes, Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions support one trial period. The trial period is an optional parameter in the Amazon Simple Pay Subscription button creation page.

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Does Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions support delayed subscriptions?
Yes, Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions supports delayed subscriptions. When you create the subscription button HTML code, you can set a start date when you want the subscription to begin. The first payment for the subscription is processed on the selected start date.

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Where can I see my subscribers list on Amazon Payments website?
Your subscription details as well as the transaction details are available on the Amazon Payments website at First, log in to your Amazon Payments account. Then, to manage your subscription, go to Your Subscribers List.

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Can I cancel and refund a specific amount to respective subscribers?
You can use the CancelSubscriptionAndRefund API to both cancel a subscription and refund complete or partial amount of the last successful transaction. Please see the Amazon Simple Pay Integration Guide for more information.

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Can I as a merchant cancel subscriptions on the customer's behalf?
Yes. You can cancel a subscription in two ways. You can use Amazon Payments website to view your subscribers list and cancel a subscription on behalf of the customer, or you can also implement a dashboard at your end where you use the CancelSubscriptionAndRefund API to cancel a subscription. Please see the Amazon Simple Pay Integration Guide for more information.

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How are credit-card--related failures handled?
For credit card failures, we send e-mails to you and the subscriber about the failure, requesting the customers to change their payment method for that subscription. As soon as the payment method is changed, we retry the payment authorization.

If the payment method is not updated within 6 days, we cancel the subscription and then notify you and the subscriber.

For soft-decline cases, we retry for 30 hours; if the transaction still fails, we cancel the transaction and the associated subscription.

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How can I offer Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions on my site?
To offer an Amazon Simple Pay Subscription button, follow these basic steps:
  1. Create a button by accessing this URL:
  2. Enter the information about your subscription, and then click the Generate HTML button.
    This creates the HTML code needed for your Amazon Simple Pay Subscription button.
  3. Copy the HTML code and paste it onto your website.

To change the payment amount, reason, or terms of the subscription, just change the appropriate HTML form fields on the page, click the Generate HTML button, and paste the new code onto your website. This will modify the payment terms only for subscriptions created with the new button.

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