The Order Timeline

Here's what happens when a customer places an order:

  1. Customer places order. A customer selects your product, clicks the Checkout button, and then completes the checkout process. At this point, the terms of sale are final and the buyer cannot make changes to the payment method or shipping address.
  2. Order information goes to Amazon Payments for processing. The order is now pending processing. You can see the corresponding "Pending" order on the Manage Orders page in Seller Central. If a buyer contacts you while an order is in "Pending" status, you should refer them to Amazon Payments Customer Service for more information.
  3. Amazon Payments holds the order. Amazon Payments holds orders before processing payment. This window gives buyers an opportunity to cancel orders made by mistake or orders using the wrong shipping address. Buyer-canceled orders will appear in the Manage Orders page as "canceled" and will not include buyer shipping or contact information. If a buyer contacts you about a "canceled" order, you can invite them to place a new order on your website.
    1. Buyers who click the Checkout button and use Standard Checkout (they sign in to Amazon, they pick their shipping address, and they pick their credit card) have 15 minutes from the time they place the order to cancel the order.
    2. Buyers who click the Checkout button and use 1-Click (no explicit sign-in to Amazon is needed, because they've recently made a purchase on the Amazon website using their current browser) have 105 minutes from the time they place the order to cancel the order
  4. Amazon Payments validates the order. Amazon attempts to validate the customer's payment and order details and to collect payment for the order. At this stage, there can be a number of different outcomes:
    1. Payment is successful. Amazon Payments sends an order confirmation to the buyer, notifies the seller, and releases shipping information to the seller. The order status appears as "Payment complete" on your Manage Orders page. In most cases, order notification messages (e-mails) are sent within 90-135 minutes after an order is placed.
    2. Payment is initially unsuccessful. Amazon Payments sends the buyer an e-mail stating that further action is required and also sends the seller an e-mail message to notify the seller of the processing delay. We ask you to hold the inventory requested by the buyer for 72 hours awaiting successful payment. These orders will appear as "Pending" on your Manage Orders page.
    3. Payment processing is extended. Certain Amazon Payments security features can extend order processing times. When this happens, a seller might not receive e-mail notifications about an order or its status. Processing can be extended for 1-3 business days after the payment was submitted. These delayed orders will appear as "Pending" in your orders view.
    4. Payment is unsuccessful. Amazon Payments will cancel buyer orders if payment cannot be verified or collected successfully. Amazon Payments will not send a notification to you when an order is canceled. These orders will appear as "canceled" on your Manage Orders page.
  5. Amazon Payments sends an order notification e-mail to the seller. Amazon Payments sends a "Sold, ship now" e-mail to the seller and updates the order status in your Manage Orders page. The shipping notification e-mail does not contain confidential customer information, such as the buyer shipping address or e-mail. Note that the shipping address provided by Amazon Payments (in Seller Central in your Orders Report) for a completed order is the only valid mailing address for sending that order to your buyer. Do not ship to any other address, even if you receive an e-mail asking you to do so.
  6. Amazon Payments remits funds to the seller for the buyer's order. Amazon Payments places the funds generated from the order, less any fees, in your Amazon Payments account.
  7. Seller processes the order. You view and confirm the order by using the Manage Orders feature. If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon to fulfill this order, then you do not need to perform this step.
  8. Seller ships the order. You fulfill the order (pack and ship). Your shipping carrier transfers the order to your buyer shipping address. If you are using Fulfillment by Amazonto fulfill this order, then you do not need to perform this step.
  9. Buyer receives the order.
  10. Amazon Payments invites the buyer to provide feedback about the service provided by the seller.