Sending & Receiving Money

What is Amazon WebPay?

Amazon WebPay allows users to send, receive, and request money from other users from the Amazon Payments website.

What has happened to Amazon WebPay?

As of October 13, 2014, Amazon WebPay is no longer be available to send, receive, or request money from other Amazon Payments users.

Why was Amazon WebPay shut down?

We were not addressing a customer pain point better than anyone else. We've learned a great deal about how and when customers want to send money, and will look for ways to use these lessons in the future.

What if I initiated a transaction prior to October 13, 2014?

Transactions initiated prior to this date are not affected. Recipients have 30 days to claim funds before the transaction is cancelled and funds are returned to the sender.

Can I still view my transaction history?

You can view your Amazon Payments account history by going to, signing on with your account credentials, and clicking Your Account.

Is there another way to send, receive, or request money with other customers from my account?

No, Amazon does not offer an alternative.