Announcement: Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) will be discontinued effective June 1, 2015. To learn about the Amazon ASP end-of-life plan and for information about migrating to Login and Pay with Amazon, read our FAQ.


Tracking Payment Status

Amazon Payments will send you an e-mail from Amazon Payments with the transaction details. If you do not receive the e-mail, or cannot find the e-mail, you can also go directly to the Amazon Payments website at view your transactions on the Overview tab, after you log in.

These are the most common reasons that will see as the transaction state:
  • 'Success' - The transaction has successfully completed. If the payment is made towards your account, the funds will be credited into your Amazon Payments Account.
  • 'Failure' - The transaction could not completed successfully. The payment can fail due to multiple reasons, but more commonly when the buyer's credit card company or bank has declined the charge on payment instrument.
  • 'Initiated'- The transaction has been received by Amazon Payments and under processing. You can check the transaction state after some time for the final outcome of the transaction.
In addition, Amazon Payments also sends an HTTP POST notification (Instant Payment Notification, or IPN) when a transaction either completes successfully or fails.