Announcement: Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) will be discontinued effective June 1, 2015. To learn about the Amazon ASP end-of-life plan and for information about migrating to Login and Pay with Amazon, read our FAQ.


What Is Amazon Simple Pay?

Amazon Simple Pay is a set of payment-only products that allows your customers to use the payment information in their Amazon accounts as a payment method. If you don't need Amazon's end-to-end checkout pipeline but still want to enable your customers to use their payment information already on file at Amazon, use Amazon Simple Pay.

Amazon Simple Pay provides a way to easily accept Amazon Payments on your website. All that is required to integrate is some basic knowledge of HTML.

You can accept payments in one of two ways:

  1. Offer an Amazon Simple Pay button that users click to send you money using Amazon Payments.
  2. Offer Amazon Payments as payment method on your payment page.

Amazon Simple Pay Standard is an easy way to add these methods to your website. When you add the Amazon Simple Pay Standard Button, your customers can pay either by clicking an Amazon Simple Pay Standard button or by selecting Amazon Payments as their payment method.