Announcement: Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) will be discontinued effective June 1, 2015. To learn about the Amazon ASP end-of-life plan and for information about migrating to Login and Pay with Amazon, read our FAQ.


Amazon Payments for Nonprofits

What is Amazon Payments?
Amazon Payments makes it easy for millions of Amazon customers to safely and securely pay online using the information in their account. With a variety of options—simple donation solution, options for recurring donations and a complete checkout solution for selling goods for fundraising—Amazon Payments gives you a seamless payment process to advance your online fundraising campaigns.
Why should I use Amazon Payments for raising donations?
Amazon Payments can accelerate your fundraising initiatives by giving millions of Amazon customers an effortless way to donate and offering you easy to integrate, cost effective and reliable payment solutions.
  • Convenience for your donors: Lower the barrier to donate for millions of Amazon customers. Amazon customers can donate easily on your website using the information stored in their account—they don't need to reenter their payment information.
  • Easy to integrate and flexible: Choose from easy to integrate payment solutions that meet your fundraising needs. Amazon Payments solutions can support simple one-time donations, recurring donations or innovative fundraising models like selling goods or services for fundraising.
  • Cost effective & reliable: Lower your cost of accepting donations, pay only when you get donations. With Amazon Payments there are no start-up charges, monthly charges, or hidden fees--and no need to sign a long-term contract. Get the reliability of Amazon's proven risk management and fraud protection controls that keep you protected and reduce your bad donations.
How do I raise donations using Amazon Payments on my website?
  • You can use Amazon Simple Pay Donations to raise donations on a website. Amazon Simple Pay Donations are an easy-to-use and secure way for US-based, IRS certified 501(C)(3) non-profit organizations to collect donations using Amazon Payments. Click here to see how Amazon Simple Pay Donations work.
  • If you are looking for more control over your customer experience on when the payment is made, you can use Amazon FPS Basic Quick Start.
What is Amazon Simple Pay?
Amazon Simple Pay is a set of payment-only products that allows your customers to use the payment information in their Amazon accounts as a payment method. With Amazon Simple Pay it's quick to integrate Amazon Payments into your website with a set of copy-and-paste HTML buttons:
  • Using Amazon Simple Pay Donations, you can raise donations
  • Using Amazon Simple Pay Standard, you can sell goods on your websites
  • Using Amazon Simple Pay Subscription, you can enable recurring donations
What is Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS)?
With Amazon FPS, developers can accept payments on their website for selling goods or services, raise donations, execute recurring payments, and send payments.
What is Amazon Simple Pay Donations?
Amazon Simple Pay Donations are an easy-to-use and secure way for US-based, IRS-certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to collect donations. Amazon's tens of millions of customers can now donate using the information they already have on file with
Who can use Amazon Simple Pay Donations?
Amazon Simple Pay Donations can be used by U.S.-based, IRS-certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations to collect donations. Follow a few quick and easy instructions to set up your Amazon Payments Business account with Business type set to "Nonprofit."
How long will it take for me to set up my account to receive donations through Amazon Simple Pay?
It will take 1-2 business days to enable your account after account creation. As soon as your account is verified, you will be notified by e-mail. Once you are notified, you may start using Amazon Simple Pay Donations.
How do donors use Amazon Simple Pay Donations?
Once your Amazon Payments Business account setup you can create an Amazon Simple Pay Donations button using the donations button creation form. Paste the HTML code created by the Amazon Simple Pay Donation button creation form into your website. Communicate to your donors that you now accept Amazon Payments using these marketing tools.
Can I configure donation amounts in Amazon Simple Pay Donations?
Yes. You can configure donation amounts in three ways:
  • Any amount: receive any amount using the button.
  • Fixed amount: receive a fixed amount using the button.
  • Minimum amount: receive an amount equal to or greater than the configured amount.
Can I change Amazon Simple Pay Donations parameters dynamically?
Yes. If you need to customize or change the parameters like reference, description and amount for each donation or donor, you can do that by modifying the request. For security reasons, you will need to sign the request with you AWS credentials. To learn more on how this is done, please refer to Amazon Simple Pay Advanced Users Guide.
Can I use Amazon Simple Pay Donations as an additional payment method?
Yes. You can add Simple Pay Donations as one of the payment methods on your website. To learn more on how this is done, please refer to the Amazon Simple Pay Advanced Users Guide.
How can I raise donations on a recurring basis using Amazon Payments?
You can use Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions to allow you to receive recurring donations using a simple HTML integration. Alternatively, Amazon FPS Advanced Quick Start allows you to enable recurring donations functionality on your website. Since you control when the payment is actually made, you can use the flexibility to schedule the payment as and when requested by the donor without having to make it at the same time in a month or skip a donation for a month altogether without having to cancel the donation.
As a third-party developer that helps nonprofits raise donations, how can I leverage Amazon FPS functionality?
Amazon FPS Marketplace Quick Start allows you to enable marketplace functionality on your website. With a unique 3-party transaction model, payments can be processed in which you are neither the donor nor the nonprofit. You can charge an administrative fee for such transactions.
Enabling marketplace functionality with Amazon FPS is a three-step process.
First, nonprofits need to sign up for an Amazon Payments Business account and set it up to receive payments for donations raised by them. You facilitate this by redirecting your nonprofits to the recipient co-branded pages hosted by Amazon FPS.
Second, you redirect donors to co-branded authorization pages hosted by Amazon FPS to authorize the payment.
Alternatively, you can use Amazon Simple Pay Donations to integrate with our marketplace functionality. Amazon FPS differs in that it gives more control over when and how the payments take place and allows you to build more customized solutions.
As a nonprofit, I sell goods online; how can I use Amazon Payments?
You can use Amazon Simple Pay Standard to integrate easily with our HTML buttons to sell on your website.
Alternatively, you can integrate with Checkout by Amazon. Checkout by Amazon is a complete e-commerce checkout solution that provides your customers with the same secure and trusted checkout experience available on today. It offers unique features including Amazon's 1-Click and tools for businesses to manage shipping charges, sales tax, promotions, and post-sale activities including refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks. Click here to learn more about Checkout by Amazon.
What payment methods does Amazon Payments support?
Amazon Payments supports the following payment methods:
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB).
  • Bank Account debits (only supported by Amazon FPS)
  • Amazon Payments balance (only supported by Amazon Simple Pay and Amazon FPS)
I have integrated with Amazon Payments to enable my customers to donate me money. Are my customers required to set up a separate Amazon Payments account?
If your customers already have an account or an Amazon Payments account, they can use the payment information from either account to pay you. For customers who do not have an Amazon Payments Account, we will create one for them when they make their first payment on any website that accepts Amazon Payments.
What countries and currencies are supported by Amazon Payments?
Amazon Payments allows U.S. as well as international customers to use major credit cards to make payments on Amazon Payments-powered websites. However, bank account and Amazon Payments account balance transfers are enabled only for US based customers. All transactions are in U.S. dollars.
How can I get all my payment transactions so that I can do regular auditing?
You can go to Amazon Payments website to view your account activity, account balance, daily and monthly activity summary and fees paid to Amazon Payments.
How will I be charged and billed for my use of Amazon Payments?
Fees are assessed on a per-transaction basis and vary depending on the payment method used and the transaction amount:
  • For credit card transactions >= $10: 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card
  • For transactions < $10: 5.0% + $0.05 for credit card

Qualified non-profits can apply for the following monthly volume discounts for credit card transactions:
  • 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction for payment volume from $3K--$10K
  • 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction for payment volume from $10K--$100K
  • 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction for payment volume over $100K

Note: This fee schedule is for payments by U.S. customers only. You can allow non-U.S. customers to pay using credit cards (not Amazon Payments balance transfers or bank account at this time) for an additional charge of 1% of the transaction amount.
  • 1.5% + $0.01 for Amazon Payments balance transfers using Amazon FPS
  • 2.9% + $0.30 for Amazon Payments balance transfers using Amazon Simple Pay
  • 2.0% + $0.05 for bank account debits (only supported in Amazon FPS)
How do I apply for volume discounts for credit card payments?
(For domestic U.S. transactions only) Based on your transaction volume or if you have micro-transactions (those less than $10), you may be eligible for a discount.
How do I let my customers paying me know I accept Amazon Payments?
You can add an Amazon Payments mark to your website to let your buyers know you accept Amazon Payments. You'll find tools for adding the Amazon Payments mark in the Marketing Toolkit, which has additional resources such as sample e-mails, payment marks, and graphics.
Where can my customers paying me view their Amazon Payments transactions?
You customers can see the status of their transactions and the transaction history on the Amazon Payments website.
Can donors see their Amazon Payments transactions on the site?
No. Donors view all their Amazon Payments purchases on the Amazon Payments website.
What makes Amazon Payments a trusted platform for payments?
Amazon has spent over a decade developing, testing, and operating a robust payments infrastructure to support millions of daily transactions. Amazon Payments allows you to benefit from these highly reliable, scalable, and safe systems. Amazon Payments provides you and your customers the same trusted payment experience available on Amazon today, leveraging Amazon's proven fraud detection capabilities, chargeback controls, and risk management techniques.