Amazon Payments offers low, predictable pricing. You only pay when you process payment for a transaction made on your website or, in the case of Amazon Local Register, through your Amazon Local Register card reader. There are no monthly charges, long-term contracts, or hidden fees.

Amazon Payments fees are transaction-based and calculated on a per capture basis. Your fee is based on a percentage of the transaction amount plus a per-transaction fee for most products. Our standard rate (excluding Amazon Flexible Payments Services and Amazon Local Register) is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

For example, if a $10 transaction is made on your website, your processing fee would be $.59, according to our standard rate.

Transaction Amount Percentage of Transaction: 2.9% Per-Transaction Fee: $.30 Total Processing Fee
$10 $.29 $.30 $.59

If you process more than $3,000 a month with us, have micro-transactions (those less than $10), or are a non-profit, you may be eligible for a discount. Contact Us if you qualify.

Reduced Rates

Volume Discounts

Based on your transaction volume, or if you have micro-transactions (those less than $10), your domestic U.S. transactions may be eligible for a discount.

Micropayment Discount

If you typically accept payments of less than $10, you may be eligible for a micro-payment discount. Contact Us to apply.

Nonprofit Discount

To make online giving more cost-effective, 501(c)3 organizations that use Amazon Payments to process donations may be eligible for a discounted rate. To apply for this discount, please Contact Us or identify your organization as a nonprofit when you sign up for Amazon Payments. When we have verified your 501(c)3 status, the reduced rate will be applied automatically.

The fees on this page apply to all Amazon Payments products except for Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Simple Pay, and Amazon Local Register Services (instead, see Fees for Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Payments Fees for Amazon Simple Pay, and Pricing and Fees for Amazon Local Register Services).