Let customers buy easily on
their smart phone or tablet

Mobile shoppers aren't just browsing, they're buying. According to eMarketer, 51% of US online consumers will buy on a tablet or smartphone this year (eMarketer Newsletter, April 2013). Amazon Payments can help you make the most of the mobile shopping trend by offering your customers a hassle-free way to pay on smartphones and tablets. Your customers can check out with just a few taps. And there's no extra fee or setup for you.

  • Easy payments on tablets and smartphones. Let millions of Amazon customers pay on your site from any device using the payment and shipping information already stored in their Amazon accounts.
  • Ready for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Offer your customers a seamless mobile payment experience on across all devices including Kindle, iOS, and Android, and both smartphones and tablets.
  • Perfect for touchscreens. With no popups, scrolling, or long forms to fill, Amazon Payments makes it easy to touch and tap through your checkout process, which can reduce abandonment.
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How It Works

Your customers will buy from you using a mobile-optimized checkout flow that Amazon hosts, or with touchscreen payment widgets that you can embed on your site. You choose the setup that's right for you.

Either way, your customers pay hassle-free without re-entering their payment or shipping information.

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