Allow customers to easily
login and pay on your site

Accept Login and Pay with Amazon on your site with flexible API-level integration to allow millions of Amazon customers to easily create a profile and then buy on your site.

  • Build customer relationships. You get the customer’s name, e-mail address, and postal code from Amazon when they log in and can market directly to them.
  • Make the experience seamless. Buyers create an account and pay in just a few clicks. Buyers simply log in using their username and password to get access to the shipping addresses and payment methods stored in their Amazon account to complete their purchase.
  • Control your site experience and maintain your brand. With no redirects, you control your site and keep customers within your branded experience.
  • Let your customers buy from your site on any device. Make it easy for mobile shoppers to log in then pay in just a few taps with widgets that automatically adapt to tablets and smartphones.

How It Works

Implement Login and Pay with Amazon with your existing website using a set of widgets and APIs that you embed on your site and integrate with your back-end systems. Login with Amazon uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which has been broadly adopted for user-authorized exchanges across sites. As soon as customers Login with Amazon, you get the customer’s name, email address and zip code to create an account.

Getting Started

To get started for free, sign up for an Amazon Payments seller account. You will need your legal business name, contact information, a U.S. credit card, and a U.S. address. After you sign up, you'll be able to integrate our APIs into your website to develop a custom experience and start accepting payments.

Sign Up

Amazon Payments AWS Activate Promotion

The Amazon Payments Activate Promotion Offer* is currently a Special Offer for startups in association with the AWS Activate program. To learn more about AWS Activate, click here. To learn more about AWS Activate Special Offers, click here. To apply for this promotion, you must first email the AWS Activate program at and indicate that you’d like to apply for this offer. After emailing the AWS Activate team, you’ll be directed to register for Amazon Payments, and apply officially for the Amazon Payments offer.

*To view the Amazon Payments Activate Promotion Terms and Conditions, click here.

The simplified sales process of Login and Pay with Amazon led to a 3.15% increase in conversions after the log-in integration.

- Lar Quigley, Director of Operations, Cymax Stores

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