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What is Amazon Payments?

Simple Way for Amazon Webstore Merchants to Migrate to a New Storefront

Amazon and Shopify have created a solution for Amazon Webstore merchants to seamlessly migrate to a new storefront while retaining the benefits of the Amazon services they use today. As Amazon’s preferred Webstore migration solution provider, Shopify has developed a migration tool that allows Amazon Webstore merchants to easily transfer their store data in just a few clicks.

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Recapping our merchants' holiday success

2014 has come and gone — and with that, we wanted to reflect on some of the awesome results our merchants have seen this past holiday season. On January 5, we issued our press release that highlighted our merchants’ success — over 2 billion items were sold by sellers on Amazon worldwide in 2014!

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Five ways to grow sales from existing customers

You’ve likely already given a lot of thought to attracting new customers, but how about getting current customers to come back for more? If you’re seeing lots of one-time purchases, but those people haven’t been incentivized to come back to your business, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are five proven ways to maximize revenue from the customers you already have.

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Introducing: The Growth Guarantee

Whether you’re part of an established business or a fast-growing startup, it’s crucial to ensure that your business is always heading in the right direction.

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Introducing: Automatic Payments

Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature in Login and Pay with Amazon, automatic payments. Automatic payments lets you easily establish recurring or subscription-based payment relationships with your most loyal customers.

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